Loyan Dairy Farm, Kisumu

Apr-2016 - Jun-2016

Loyan Dairy Farm project involves barn design for 20 milking cows in Kisumu. The farm intends to invest in 20 high quality Jersey cows. The designs contains plans for main cow barn with a milking parlour, store and office, separate housing for calves and heifers, and expansion space incase the farm decides to expand the herd in future.

Risa Farm, Limuru

Mar-2016 - Jul-2016

Risa Farm is a large scale farm in Limuru. The farm contracted us to draw designs for 60 milking cows and a processing unit for yoghurt and liquid milk. The designs include main barn with a store and milking parlour, separate house for calves and heifers, water and manure storage, shops to sell farm produce with an expansion space. As with a all our work, our design objectives were healthy cow (comfort) healthy people and health environment.

Churiri Farm

Jan-2016 - Jan-1970

This project involved drawings for a cow barn with 60 milking cows, section for heifers and calves, farm stores and offices, manure and water storage and milking parlour. The design focus on cow comfort, expandable and flexible designs, simple robust and economical and optimisation of movements/flows.

Ndege Dairy Cow House design

Jan-2016 - Mar-2016

This project involved developing cow house design for 300 cows with special focus on cow comfort, labour efficiency, simplicity, robustness and expansion. The designs include Adult cows and young stock units, workshop, equipment store and offices and a milking parlour. 

Modular Cow House Design Handbook for Medium Scale Farmers

Feb-2015 - Jul-2015

This handbook is designed for medium scale farmers who intend to invest in the establishment of a new dairy farm enterprise, or who wish to upgrade or expand their existing dairy production facilities. In particular this Handbook will be of use to Dairy Consultants and Architects in advising and guiding MSFs on farm planning and cow house design.

Smallholder Cow House Design Handbook

Feb-2016 - Apr-2016

 This Handbook is to support smallholder dairy farmers or entrepreneurs with good practice cow house design and business planning. However due to the technical nature of the Handbook, this will be mostly indirect through dairy consultants, architects, building contractors, dairy cooperatives, training institutions and other stakeholders. It provides the reader with a set of 6 modular cow barn designs, ranging from 3-18 mature cows plus young stock, based on the basic principles of good cow house design in a Kenyan context. This implies optimum cow comfort, hygiene and health, labour efficiency, flexibility & scalability (modular). Environmentally sound, simple and cost efficient.

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